Meet the Master Keys Plugin

Master Keys is a plugin that hosts all your piano addons. It lets you switch between all your Master Keys pianos from a single plugin so that any piano sound you may need is right at your fingertips.

Tech Specs

Minimum OS

MacOS 13 or greater
Intel or Apple Silicon Native
Windows 7 or greater


AAX Native

Hard Drive Space

~7 GB – Pro pianos
~40 MB – Lite pianos

Plugin Features

Master Keys comes equipped with all the features you need to get the piano sound suited to your needs. It includes a powerful 6 band parametric EQ, a simple to use reverb, and mix controls that let you blend multiple microphone sources. All this is laid out in a simple design to make it quick and easy to dial in the sound you need without sorting through a laundry list of features.

Real Pianos in Real Spaces

With our growing list of pianos available for Master Keys, you can choose the right piano for your music. We believe that every piano has a unique voice, and we want to make all those voices available. This is why we are sampling a wide range of pianos in a variety of spaces. We are travelling the country to capture pianos of all makes and sizes; new and old, big and small, grands and uprights, and everything in between. Sometimes you need a concert grand in a concert hall. Sometimes you need a clunker spinet in a living room. Our goal is to make all of these possible as high quality samples.

Playability is Key

A piano is more than just its sound. Its feel is a huge part of the equation as well. That’s why we put an extreme amount of effort in getting Master Keys to not only sound right, but to feel right. A player should be able to sit down to play and get as close as possible to the experience of playing a real piano. The touch, they dynamics, the resonance, and the slight imperfections all add together to create a truly natural experience.

Pro vs Lite

Each piano has a Pro and Lite version. The Pro version will come with multiple microphone positions and extra features in the plugin. The Lite version will come with a single microphone position and limited features. You can also download a trial version of any Lite piano to get a feel for the piano itself. No trial version is available for Pro pianos.

Sometimes you need extra detail and control. This is where the Pro version shines. We sampled every key of the piano so you know you are getting the full character of the piano. We also captured multiple microphone positions so you can mix and match them to get exactly the feel you need.

Sometimes you just want a quick simple piano that can load quickly and get out of the way. For the Lite version, we picked out our favorite mic position to feature and sampled every 3rd string. This packs it down into a tiny package (around 50MB) that loads quickly and can be stored on any size hard drive. It’s perfect for portable rigs or any time you want to just sit down and play without messing around with settings.

Also, the Lite version is a great way to test out the character of the piano. You can download any lite version as a demo to test out. Some of the keys will be disabled, but it allows you to try it out to see if it’s the right piano for your needs without having to blindly buy the full version.

Microphone PositionsMultipleSingle
Notes SampledAllEvery 3rd
Resonance SamplesYesYes
Release SamplesYesYes
Sub Section presetsYesNo
Key ShiftingYesNo
Pedal NoiseYesNo
Sustain ControlYesNo
Trial VersionNoYes
Hard Drive Space Required~7GB~50MB

Pro Layout

Lite Layout

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