The Pianos

Bundle Up

Real Pianos with Real Character

We’ve gone through great lengths to sample pianos that have real variety and character. From majestic grand pianos to old clunky beaters, Master Keys brings the entire piano family together under one roof.

Pianos Across Generations

The wide variety of pianos is the heart and soul behind Master Keys. Check out the growing list of pianos, from old to new, grand and upright.

Meet the Plugin

The brains behind the Master Keys. Our proprietary engine utilizes a combination of sampling and modeling to get the best of both worlds. The result is highly realistic sound and an extremely natural feel.

One Free Piano on the House

We’re super excited about what we’ve made here, and we want to give you a taste of that. That’s why when you create an account, you automatically get a free license to the New York L 1926 piano addon. Just head to your downloads page and grab your license to see for yourself.

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