Below are some of the most common questions we get asked. If you are having any issues that aren’t answered here, please contact support and we’ll get you worked out.

With this work on my M1/M2/M3 Mac?

Yes, this is compiled to work on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

It does require MacOS 10.13 or higher to run. 64-bit only.

How do I Install My Pianos?

Master keys has two parts: 1) The plugin and 2) the piano addons. The plugin must be installed before the piano addons can be installed. Both are installed using the Master Keys Installer. You can download the installer here or on your downloads page.

When you run the installer, it will let you know what version of the plugin is installed (if any) and which pianos you have installed (if any). At least one piano must be installed to use the plugin. We offer 1 free piano addon (New York L 1926 Lite) for free. You can find your registration information on your downloads page here: https://www.bozmasterkeys.com/my-account/downloads/

You can download the Master Keys Installer here.

I registered my piano, but it keeps asking me to register again.

This happens when the plugin does not have permissions to create the registration file to the samples folder. Luckily, it’s easy to add manually.

1) Locate your samples folder (the folder you chose when you installed the piano)
2) Open the “data” folder.
3) Download this file and save it in your “data” folder: serial.txt
4) Open the file and paste your serial number. Make sure there are no extra spaces or lines.
5) Save the file.

Your plugin should stop asking you to register now.

I ran the installer, but it got stuck downloading the samples.

Make sure you are selecting a valid folder to save the samples. If the installer cannot create the folder for the samples, it might get stuck. If you manually create the folder in your finder/explorer, you can select it when choosing a folder for your samples.

I’m getting clicks/pops when I play.

Option 1: This can be caused by multiple things, but the first thing to try is to click the “Reload Samples” button next to the voice meter. That will reload the samples and put them into active memory, which should reduce pops/clicks.

Option 2: Make sure your RAM settings is set to a higher value. The higher the RAM setting, the less disk streaming the engine has to do.

Option 3: Turn off the “Resonance” and/or “Release” samples in the plugin (found in the “Mix” section). If you are using multiple microphone positions as well as resonance and release samples, a single note can use up to 6 voices simultaneously. Start playing fast and your voice count will jump up right along with your playing. If you don’t need release samples or resonance samples, disabling them will reduce the number of voices used significantly.

Option 4: Increase buffer size in your DAW/Interface. Having a small buffer can increase the CPU load and cause clicks. If you are playing live, this may not be an option, but if you are mixing, increasing the buffer size will ease up the CPU load a bit.

Option 5: Make sure your samples are on a solid state hard drive. Spinning hard drives are much slower to read than solid state drives.

Can I install multiple pianos at once?

If you want to install multiple pianos, just run the installer again for each piano you want installed. There is no need to install the plugin twice. We’re working on an update to the installer that lets you install multiple pianos in one go.

Do I have to rebuy the pianos I already own to use them in Master Keys?

No, all the pianos that you own can be updated for free to Master Keys. In fact, they will use the same serial number. When you run the Master Keys Installer, it will ask you for your registration information. Use the same username and serial that you used in the previous version and it should install and register.

Can I keep my old dedicated New York L plugins installed while updating to Master Keys?

Yes, you can keep your original New York L pianos installed while using Master Keys. However, you will need to install the samples to a different folder to prevent conflicts between the plugins.

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